Friday, May 05, 2006

why America needs Terry Stulce in Congress

Why America needs men like Terry Stulce
Posted by testvet6778A on May 5, 2006 - 9:46am.
I have written similar statements but this morning Terry proved it again why he needs to be in Congress in January 2007 from the state of Tennesssee, he is a Congressional candidate that see's the full picture. He spends time and money on calling me a veteran who can not vote for him, to talk about the Edgewood test vet issue. I am not in a place where I can "help" him.
I am just another disabled veteran from a nearby state, that has a problem, and Terry has listened to it, and knows when he gets to Congress it is time something is done about the problem, after 31 years, and 2098 dead men and 2200 disabled ones 75% of the total men used in the test program, from every state in the nation, so it is a national problem, not just mine in South Carolina.

We need men like Terry, Jeff Latas, Eric Massa, and many other that seem to be in the mold of General Clark, men that have put their life on the life to defend this country, they know what sacrifice is, they experienced it. They will think before committing troops, they are not chickenhaws, they know war has costs and it is not all in doillars. Going to a graveside when you bury a friend, a subordinate, have to deal with the grieving families, explain how their son or daughter died for the "right reasons" and for a noble purpose. They won't waste our young on glory hunts, but they will commit them when they are truly needed, I firmly believe that Afghanistan was the right use and Iraq the wrong use, now we have to disengage and get out of the Middle East, we can not buy or fight our way to being friends there. So blockade them, if we don't buy there oil, how do they exist? Cut off the money for 3-6 months, then they will talk.
We have to get past the idea that all politics is local they aren't, whoever goes to Congress votes on issues that affect ALL americans not just your state, so the person you send their represents me and my family to, so please send the "fighting dems" America needs them, but if they start acting like this bunch or republicans we know how to fix that to, vote, it is your greatest responsibility to your neighbors, abdicating that right leaves us all vulnerable, vote it is your right and the soldiers have bled for you to be able to vote, respect them and do it, honor them by voting, that's why they offered their lives for you, your freedoms, use them.....
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