Monday, May 29, 2006

President Bush says more must die to honor those already killed WTF? In a Memorial Day Address at Arlington National Cemetary the most revered burial place for service members President Bush said we needed to persevere in the war on terror to honor those laready killed. How does getting more killed honor those already dead, that logic makes no sense. It's time to admit PNAC made some bad estimates about the end result and withdraw our forces from Iraq, and let the chips fall where they may. We can not force our style of government on other nations, they have to want it to start with, this was a PNAC initiated war, urged by Chalabi and friends in DOD until he fell out of grace, when they learned all of his "reports" were bogus, from his "spies" so now the solution is to stay the course and watch more of this nation's children die for "what"? Mr Bush's place in history?

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Cross-Eyed Moby said...

Next he will tell us that fornication is good for virginity and that destroying Iraqi population centers is the only way to save them