Thursday, May 11, 2006

A friend's column let's say he is CW3 this will get you to wonder which is more offensive: the damnable lies or the damned liars? I have taken the time to comment on some of the most offensive elements that scream out from the printed page. Of course I am very angry at these continuing outrages that routinely make veterans into victims of the government. If you can ever recall the feelings you dealt with when you knew your child, spouse, or some other person was lying to you, then stand up and call the government on the current lies that are being practiced; also demand the media explain why they support this betrayal of American service men and women. How can you possibly accept this type of governmental management?It is extremely critical for Americans to come to an understanding of a simple truth; the veteran who risked so much for you is now totally dependent upon YOU insisting that the government provide adequate funding to take care of ALL legitimate needs. This much has been earned. Even though I name the republican party at this time, the next election may very well provide us with a new crop of democrats who will continue the deliberate denials and welch on the deal that has been made with veterans since we began as a collection of colonies.Quoted:But the budget debate cuts to the heart of a philosophical question: Exactly how much does a grateful nation owe its servicemen and women, and their dependents? Especially since hundreds of thousands of those vets are currently and continually returning from two war zones overseas.Answer:The implication or inference that the newer veterans, who have also sacrificed so much already, somehow deserve greater attention than those of previous conflicts, is a pathological sickness seen only among the super rich republicans and their paid for sycophantic elected officials who are loathe to spend any taxes on maintaining the lives of those who have served. After all, it is clear that these tax burdens must somehow be eliminated as soon as possible; and any outright lie or line of political propaganda is acceptable if they can make enough Americans believe it. This tactic and strategy of divide and conquer will eventually also be used against the elderly or other Americans who are either so weak, infirm or disabled that they are unable to fight back in self defense. Let me make this perfectly clear: just because an American is in need of help does not make him an enemy of the state. But, it seems, they are marked with an invisible bulls-eye as the next targets to be destroyed by the far right philosophies and neo-conservative values.I am also questioning if there will somehow be a time factor imposed. Any service provided prior to three years from a current date will negate any governmental obligations because the warranty has somehow expired. However, stay tuned in because after the next elections the final acts of the VDBC will be implemented. Apparently the answer to the question posed above will be a simple one - hopefully nothing, but at any rate the absolute minimum we can get away with.Quoted:Should a veteran who saw action abroad receive the same benefits as one who remained stateside? Should a veteran who made the military his or her career be treated the same as the citizen soldier of the Reserve or National Guard? What does the public still owe older veterans of other wars who have succumbed to self-induced illnesses, such as the diabetes that accompanies obesity, or lung cancer from a lifetime of smoking?Answer:Again the implications and inferences that illnesses, such as diabetes or cancer are somehow the products of " Willful Misconduct " brought on by the individual through other known risks, are therefore the blame, instead of simply owning up to the contaminants of war such as agent orange, depleted uranium or other factors of testing programs such as SHAD 112 or those of Edgewood Arsenal, that are faced by those who serve in the research arenas or combat area of operations are simply the most egregious and outrageous insults imaginable to the honesty, integrity, valor, and gallantry of those who have served our nation. To now require that they accept the patent denial process is an American shame that can only be erased by adequate, and yes, even mandatory funding streams to care for all veterans. It is what they have earned. Furthermore, since all veterans stand in harms way and are subject to combat at any point during their duty commitments, to suggest that they are somehow a lesser deserving individual because they were not in combat is so outrageous that a law should be passed that protects us if we respond to this type of provocation with any level of violent reaction against the perpetrator. The key factor to remember is that a disability was incurred through service in the United States Armed Forces. Does it really matter if the cause was a gun shot, IED, malaria, anthrax or accidental? The constant rhetoric of this issue is akin to actually yelling fire in a crowded theater. If the provocatuer is actually cornered and confronted, then it is only just for him to suffer the consequences of his free speech.Quoted:Jim Nicholson has a clear answer to all those concerns.Answer:So far everything seen has been nothing but a pack of the Big Lies that would even gain a semblance of respectful admiration from the Nazi or Communist propaganda mills. It is truly staggering that an American media which is supposedly so good at getting to the truth, instead, simply propagates this published puss as meaningful information.Quoted:“Our priority is the men and women who need us most — service-connected disabled veterans, veterans with no other health-care options, veterans who need our highly specialized services,” he said in an ongoing interview conducted for this report over several sessions spanning February and March of this year.Answer:Why am I not surprised that somehow if a veteran has an illness or disability that is service connected, then by virtue of his personal fortunate conditions, he may have other resources available, that the VA Colonel appears to believe it is justifiable to demand there is no longer any need or obligation to actually treat the service connected condition. Perhaps I have parsed the words erroneously, but that seems to be the justification for the budget slashing that has taken place - the hope is simply that those veterans with other resources will simply not bother the VA even if that means the vets have to pay for healthcare themselves. Truly a shameful state of attitudes and behaviors among this administration and the running, lackey dogs that serve it. It is time that the VA Colonel actually state in clear and concise terms who is deserving of what levels of service and provide honest justifications for those positions.Quoted:“Our priority is the men and women who need us most — service-connected disabled veterans, veterans with no other health-care options, veterans who need our highly specialized services,” he said in an ongoing interview conducted for this report over several sessions spanning February and March of this year.Answer:At what point was the entire priority system, developed by Anthony Principi, during the Reagan Administration completely replaced and forgotten? I realize that all category 8 and new category 7 veterans can no longer get even a band aid from the Veteran Health Administration, however, the priorities of care have been clearly an established policy that was practiced since the Presidency of Saint Ronnie, The Acting President. What is really curious, now, is that in the current blood sport of politics, where the line crossed is at best murky; it appears that Congressman Buyer will attempt to completely white wash the gross enrichment plans of Anthony Principi via his QTC Management Inc. The republican leadership will attempt to somehow convince us that it is just business as usual for former cabinet level officials to be rewarded with $1.2 Billion of tax funds through a new business venture. The QTC managment people have shown they are determined to use any and all methods to diminish or outright deny veteran claims for compensation. This is a process that could be accomplished by VA employees at only twenty percent of the costs levied against the tax payers by Principi and his felonious creation. Is it any wonder there is not enough money to be found to actually hire sufficient numbers of staff positions.Quoted:Nicholson was ranked No. 25 on the 3rd annual ColoradoBiz 25 Most Powerful list published in January, having served nearly a year by then as the second Coloradan in President George W. Bush’s cabinet. Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton was named to the Bush administration’s original cabinet, but resigned at the end of March. As Norton was literally leaving office, Nicholson was attending the April 2 opening of the 20th National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic at Snowmass in Colorado.The visit was symbolic of the secretary’s own and his department’s strong ties to the state. The VA operates medical centers in Grand Junction and Denver, and 10 outpatient clinics throughout Colorado. In 2005, the federal agency spent $1.5 billion in Colorado, providing health care, disability pay, pensions or other financial benefits to 60,000 of Colorado’s 433,300 veterans. The department employs almost 3,000 people in the state to provide those services.Answer:Simple photo opportunities do not provide meaningful health care to veterans. And if it is so critical for the leadership to show their fantasy support for the real veterans to somehow momentarily boost their morale, then make it a law that the vacation trips must be paid for by the official from his personal funds and the amazingly generous salary he gets which puts him in what is probably the top ten percent of American wage earners. See how many vacations they start showing up for then, especially if it is not permitted to be a tax write off.Sorry, but I find that continual bouts of wretching vomit have made it impossible to continue with the media's efforts to pander with propaganda on behalf of the VA Colonel. I hope that someone will continue this undertaking, and the total effort will be circulated for all veterans to consider. One thought that really struck home as I started to peruse the remains of this dreadful publicity was if Colorado and Texas are to be provided for before all others elements in the VA system, then why doesn't the federal government simply try to turn the veteran problem back to the state governments. Could it be that it actually is a promise made by the nation that veterans who have borne the battle will be cared for along with the widows and orphans? But then that will probably be attempted when the democrats are in power.Oh yes, and was there not some raised eyebrows when it was determined that the VA was required to pay exorbitant amounts for the Colorado hospital property rather than simply accept the transfer of an asset from the Department of Defense? Whatever happened to that story? Maybe we should see who else enriched themselves as part of the veteran pork projects besides the personal friends of the VA Colonel.

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