Thursday, May 25, 2006

Gulf War One statistics: troublesome;f=10;t=000069;p=1#000000 the number shwon in this study has to make a sane person question if this many people can really all be "mentally" challenged or has the research data been manipulated to show no legitimate causes for all these real medical problems that are in the realm of know chemical weapons problems, cardiac, pulmonary, gastrointestinal and nuerological problems. There are two earlier health studies on chemical weapon exposures one bt eh National Institute of Health in January 1994 and then there is this German study based on WW2 Wermacht soldiers exposed to Sarin and Mustard agents during WW2 that were followed from 1945 thru 1975 by the German government after seeing thse two reports I really have to question Doctor William Pages March 2003 IOM report that DOD commissioned to rebut claims that the Sarin and mustard agent exposures at Kamisayah in March 1991 has caused many of the GWS medical problems.

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