Sunday, May 01, 2005

President Bush's Plan to turn SS into Welfare

I have read about this indexing idea, and all I can see is 30 years from now, we will have upper income and wealthy individuals complaining about all the Americans on welfare. But the realization is that everyone over 35,000 a year will be affected by lower growth rates in thier Social Security Benefits. Then we have class warfare again. Within 50 years it would be the end of Social Security completely. The true real goal of the current administration. I am enjoying the talk shows that are complaining on why the Democrats aren't proposing any ideas on how to save Social Security, why should they, the President seems to be committing Hari Kari just fine on his own. For the Democrats to offer even one idea would give the President an out to say "see even the democrats realize we have a problem". Excuse me 20% benefit cuts if we do nothing seems more palatable than 30-50% benefit cuts under the Presidents current plan. Plain english 80 dollars is a lot better than 50 dollars. Mr President you need a better idea.