Sunday, July 02, 2006

Questions for Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Nicholson From 1952 thru 1975 the United States used 7120 men in chemical weapons experiments using stuff like mustard agents, Sarin, other nerve agents, they also used some of the same veterans in drug tests at Edgewood Arsenal using LSD, PCP, etc in all 254 substances. Pages 20-23 show the Cold War tests s/CBR_www.pdf
This report published in March 2003 shows that 2098 of the men were dead in FY 2000 40%, and of the survivors 54% of them were disabled another 2200 men, for a total death and disability rate of 74.43%. The VA has failed to find these men and claim they can't "find" us until 2009, why? 5/4913/5842.aspx
Questions I would ask the men involved, President Bush, VP Cheney, Sec Rumsfeld and Sec Nicholson of the VA. I really would like to hear the answers, so would the other 9000 plus veterans and widows............
1. President Bush, why did we have to go to war with Saddam because he used chemical weapons on the Kurds, your Vice President and Secretary of Defense used Chemical Weapons on America's enlisted Army soldiers in 1974 and 1975, what makes Saddam's crimes worse than theirs? 30904832X/html/378.html
1975 DA IG Report on Human Experimentation that was ended in 1975 while Rumsfeld was Secretary of Defense and Cheney was Chief of Staff for President Gerald Ford, they both were among the men who approved of the program continuing after they inherited it from Nixon.
2. Secretary Rumsfeld you paid the IOM almost one million dollars for a Institutue of Medicine Report on sarin exposure that was published in March 2003, that did not reach any of the same conclusions that the only two previous studies on Chemical weapons exposure had shown, Cardiac, pulmonary, gastrointestinal and nuerological long term medical problems. Was is because the contract was so strictly worded that the researchers were prevented from examining the previous works, or were they intentionally kept away from cardiac, pulmonary and gastrointestinal problems? embers/1994/102-1/munro-ful l.html Jan 1994 National Institute of Health and the 1975 nts/cbwarfare/Publications/ pdfs/cw-delayed.pdf
Since most of the symptoms of Gulf War Illness are known medical problems caused by exposure to chemical weapons was a preordained determination wanted from the IOM and Doctor William Page?
3. Secretary Rumsfeld since the IOM has had the names and addresses of the 7120 men of the Edgewood Arsenal tests since FY 2000 when they gathered the data, and tracked the men or their widows down across the nation, why can't DOD identify these men to the VA before 2009?
In 2004 DOD personnel told GAO interviewers that they would not be able to identify the men of Edgewood Arsenal Cold War tests or the Fort Detrick Biological Weapons tests, yet DOD paid the IOM to find them, was it the fact that 40% of the men were prematurely dead and of the 4022 survivors, the report showed that 54% or another 2200 men were disabled, did the fact that 74.43% of the men were dead or disabled inspire you to not "find" the men, as quickly as possible?
4. Vice President Cheney and Secretary Rumsfeld, you allowed violations of the Nuremberg Codes of 1947, by allowing researchers to use chemical weapons and illicit drugs on America's Soldier's, don't you two find it hypocritical to demand the death sentence for Saddam, while you two are guilty of the same type actions. He was fighting with the Kurds, what had America's servicemen done to warrant, being exposed to chemical weapons and LSD, PCP and other substances, 254 in all?
5, Secretary R. James Nicholson, Sir, why when Congressmen Lane Evans and Ted Strickland send you a letter that contained the names of the 2300 men of Fort Detrick tests and the names of the 7120 men of the Edgewood tests, on April 28,2005. Did you decline to use the VA's access to IRS, VA and Social Security records to find these 10,000 men or their widows? Why did you find it necessary to send the names to DOD in October 5, 2005 as these 2 letters show? democratic/officialcorr/4-2 8-05exposure.htm and democratic/officialcorr/pdf /10-5-05arsenal.pdf
5. Secretary Nicholson your VA published a manual in October 2003 that shows that there are no KNOWN tests for exposures to chemical weapons or pesticides for months ago let alone decades ago, yet on April 3 2006, your spokesman Mr Pamperin was quoted in a newspaper article found here old%20newsflashes%20APR%200 6/newsflash04-03-2006-8.htm stating that the VA did NOT think anyone was hurt but if they were, they would have to go to hospitals and have tests run to see if they were exposed to anything, how can they be tested for exposures when there are no known tests? pages 33 and 39 of the manual plainly states this to be the case s/CBR_www.pdf , I am glad he is not paid to guess your budget, no one hurt, 75% dead or disabled, man is he a bad estimator.Why did the VA fail to help these veterans as their reason for existence requires? Political decision or bad management?
6. Why can no one from the White House, DOD or the VA call Rick Erdtman of the IOM who has the names and addresses of the 7120 men of EDgewood Arsenal tests at least, call him at 202-334-1925 and authorize him to release this information to the veterans administration so these widows and disabled veterans obtain their justly deserved benefits after waiting for 31 - 50 plus years?