Thursday, May 25, 2006

VA Colonel proclaims "Mad as Hell"

Veterans Affairs Secretary Jim Nicholson said Thursday he is striving to find out why it took his agency two weeks to reveal the theft of personal data from 26.5 million veterans, telling Congress he is "mad as hell" that he wasn't told right away I am glad he is mad, but what is he going to do to FIX IT? As he was testifying we got another W moment in time, along the lnes of " A heck of a job Brownie" Tony Snow was telling the media that the President has full faith and confidence in Secretary Nicholson, I am glad he has, his data wasn't stolen as he was out before 1975, but my data as well as 26.5 million other veterans data is out there on the market so to speak, like a time bob just waiting to go off, and instead of offering us what companies do in data thefts, free credit checks, monitoring services etc, the VA wishes us luck that it won't be used against us, while protecting the employee who did this, they waited 19 days to even report it to the public and then have the nerve to state it was for "our" protection. The VA "Colonel" needs to be demoted, break his saber, rip the eagles off his uniform and throw his azz out the door. Does anyone in side the beltway have any "honor and dignity" left, is anyone responsible for anything, or is this the administration of "pass the buck" instead of "the buck stops here"?

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