Monday, May 01, 2006

Send Terry Stulce to DC

Vote for Terry Stulce for U.S. Congress

Terry Stulce showed me tonite why he should go to Congress from Tennessee, I am a disabled veteran from Columbia South Carolina, who got into a KOS Blog Chat with Terry on Sunday night, while he was looking for supporters online at KOS.

He asked me to send him the information about my "issue" to his campaign site, which I gladly complied with. He read it and called me this evening, and spent over 30 minutes discussing the issue with me, asking questions, trying to learn about the problem, and why it couldn't be solved thru the current Congressional representatives.

I explained the extent of the contacts I have made in the past four years, Congressmen, Senators, Donald Rumsfeld, Vice President Dick Cheney, President Bush, newspapers and yet no one does anything about 10,000, dead and disabled Cold War test veterans.

A recent medical study by the IOM has shown that of the 7120 men of Edgewood Arsenal's Chemical Weapons and drug tests, that 40% are dead 2098 men and that 54% of the 4022 survivors are disabled another 2200 men. The data was gathered in FY 2000 and published in March 2003, which tells me DOD knew the data before the publication date, as they funded the data gathering. The NAS/IOM also has the names and addresses of the 7120 men used in the illegal experiments, (another presidential signing statement at work) and will release the names and addresses to the Veterans Affairs as soon as the Department of Defense authorizes it. (can we say when pigs learn to fly)

Terry, listened, when was the last time you had a "politician" listen to you and want to comprehend what you were telling them, without a check in your hand? I didn't have to buy a seat at the table, it was an American problem we were discussing, an issue that effects men and women from every state in the U.S. Not just Tennessee, now to me that is the kind of person we need in Congress working for all of us.

I am not a rich man, I am a disabled veteran, but for Terry I think I can squeeze a hundred out of the budget, we need him in the halls of the Capitol, as a law maker, not a chair warmer like so many are today. I would much rather send honest, leaders, that take the time to listen to the voters, he made me feel important, and that says a lot about him. He made time for me, when was the last time a politician made time for you? He is a leader for all of America, he will do Tennessee 03 proud, the voters there need to make sure he is the person they send to the Beltway to represent them, I don't believe they could do any better.

He is not about the campaign dollar, he is about doing the right thing. He is the type of man that we can all feel good knowing he is there looking out for our interests, and not some corporations bottom line.

I am just a poor disabled veteran and he made time for me, think what he will do for his own voters........I ask you all to send this man five, ten or even 20 dollars anything you can spare, it will be some of the best money you ever put on a horse, and this man is a work horse, a thoroughbred from Tennessee...............

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