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Ray McGovern, my Hero

There is a website to gather Thank You's please go to it and sign your name to the list he earned it the old fashioned way, he worked for it

Here is a copy of my KOS Diary for today also the letter I sent to Mr McGovern asking for help for the test vets:

Letter to Ray McGovern and Poll about Rumsfeld
by testvet6778 [Subscribe] [Edit Diary]
Fri May 05, 2006 at 05:33:33 AM PDT
Yesterday America and the world got to see the bueaty of the 1st Admendment in the true American way. A retired CIA anaalyst who had a very credible job of briefing Presidents, security councils, on intelligence matters, I find it hard to believe they had a "wing nut" holding that job down for the years from 1964 thru the 1990's, he earned his position to be able to brief them, so somewhere along the line he was a loyal American citizen.
Yesterday he proved his loyalty to the American public by speaking truth to power, his quotes from Rumsfeld's past were on the money and accurate, he used his own words to beat him, bravo blow the fold is my letter to Mr McGovern asking for help on the "test vet" issue. He knew Dr Sidney Gottlieb when the master of disaster was still doing his evil at the CIA, or he knew of him, Sidney was a section Chief that had control of 6% of the CIA budget in 1953 so he was powerful.
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Subject: Mr McGovern my name is Mike Bailey and I need your help on an issue:
It is an issue that concerns Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, kind of ancient history but it is relevant today as it was in 1974 and 1975, maybe even more so, considering their demand for trial and execution of Saddam for using gas on the Kurds. What they did was worse, and this should explain why I feel this way. You spoke truth to power today and I applaud you for it, I can never learn where he is so I can confront him about this issue, he ignores e mails to DOD, and so does the Vice President.
I demand accountability, there are to many dead soldiers from our own army in their wake, and the public should be demanding for accountability, but many people don't believe me and think I am a "wing nut" despite the overwhelming evidence I have.
Mr McGovern, from 1952 thru 1975 the CIA and the DOD and the Army conducted human experiments at Fort Detrick and Edgewood Arsenal, remember Dr Sideny Gottlieb? They used 7120 enlisted men in chemical weapons and drug tests at Edgewood and at Fort Detrick they used 2300 Adventists in Biological weapons tests.
They lied to all of the "volunteers" in order to get us to volunteer, we were told the experiments were safe, and they were being done to tests new equipment and uniforms, MOPP suits, HAZMAT self contained units etc. No one veer said the tests would have long term health consequences, as a matter of fact we were told the exact opposite, we were told they were so safe they were not even going to medically follow us thru out our lives.
They used enticements such as TDY pay, per diem, no KP, no guard duty, four day work weeks and 4 hour work days. For tthose young enlisted men it sounded like a sham job come true, turns out three decades later we learn out how bad they lied to us.
In FY 2000 they contacted all the Edgewood test vets again for a health study to determine the health outcomes of the men who had been exposed to Sarin, the prominent weapon at Kamisayah in March 1991 when they destroyed the ammo dump. They needed to tell the Gulf War vets what they could expect. We were the only known group of men exposed to it in America, the world for that matter except Iranians and they couldn't interview them.
DOD funded the IOM's Doctor William Page to do this study it shows that in FY 2000 they could not locate 2098 men 40% of them, they used IRS, VA and Social Security records, one can only presume they are deceased. Of the 4022 men they did find in FY 2000, 54% of them reported being disabled, you have to look in the fine print, it was not a loud annoucement, this report also stated that Dr Page could not find any problems other than sleep disturbances and a brain tumor problems that relsuted in 25 per 100,000 service members getting brain cancer. I am just curious if you took 100,000 americans from anywhere what the rate of brain cancer is, bottom line noe of his results matched a January 1994 national Institute of health report on Nerve Agents that his did, they found cardio-vascular problems, pulmonary, GERD and a few other problems, normal problems that are associated with chemical weapon exposures, check with SIPRI, in Stockholm for verification. The Germans have some good studies from WW2 Wermacht personnel. This is the 1994 NIH report Toxicity of the Organophosphate Chemical Warfare Agents GA, GB, and VX: Implic
Mr McGovern most people tend to forget that in 1974 and 1975 when these programs were inherited from Nixon, President Ford had to approve the continuation of these human experiments that violated the Nuremberg Codes of 1947 that Donald Rumsfeld was his Chief of Staff and had to be in on the NSC that was needed to approve the tests, CIA and DOD had to agree to fund them, then in 1975 Ford made Rumsfeld Sec of Defense again he had to approve the budget for the tests, and then the fact they were happening on a Army Base at Edgewood Arsenal Maryland, the bio weapons tests at Detrick were stopped in 1972 by Nixon due to the Bio weapons treaty the US signed in 1972.
When Rumsfeld went to Defense Dick Cheney became the Chief of Staff, the Presidents right hand man again he would have had to known about the human experiments with chemical weapons and drugs on the volunteer soldiers.
George H W Bush became the head of the CIA somewhere in the middle of this mess, fiasco. whatever term is appropriate.
Mr McGovern the VA runs us test vets around in circles lying saying we weren't there, many soldiers feel they were used in a "secret tests", the stuff used on you wasn't dangerous etc. I never claimed ot be used in secret tests, I was used in a known "medical research unit" that just happened to be using chemical weapons and drugs such as LSD, PCP, scopolmine etc, in all 254 different substances were used. They have never released a full list of them.I have found the EPA super fund site and it has a list of about 100 toxins found in the drinking water, the surface water and the soil of Edgewood Arsenal, in 1977 the EPA ordered the water wells capped on base and in the town of Edgewood due to the severity of the toxin laden water. Talk about toxic kool aid, I gues Bill Oreilly is right it is in the Kool Aid.Superfund Information Systems - CERCLIS: Contaminants the first 4 listings show cardio pulmonary problems from the CDC. ATSDR list
para 7 is an excellent summary of the tests / this is a VA Manul from Oct 2003 28 years after the tests were stopped in 1975 after the facts became public and the Ford administration were caught red handed, the CIA and the Army apologized but Rumsfeld and DOD never accepted repsonisibility, and they are now 31 years later still avaoiding it.
In April 28 2005 Lane Evans and Ted Strickland sent Sec Nicholson of the VA a letter with the names of the approximate 10,000 men of Detrick and Edgewood, on 5 October 2005 Sec Nicholson replied stating that he found the lsits to be useless and he was sending them to DHSD at DOD where they would find the veterans. But in March or April 2004 a William Winkerterder Jr testified to the Armed Services Committe of the Senate that DOD would not be able to identify the "test vets" until FY 2009.
All they need to do is call Rick Erdtmann at the National Academies of Science IOM at 1-202-334-1925 and tell him to send the names and addresses of the veterans and thier widows that was compiled for the March 2003 IOM Sarin report, and attempt for the VA to contact these men and widows, people our age usually don't move, we stay put, it's hard to move when you are disabled, old and sick. But the attempts should ahve been made, witha 75% death and disability rate.
Mr McGovern, I may be crazy, lord knows many people think I am, even my shrink told me to quit watching the X Files. But this is real, and a lot of men are dead and penniless due to DOD letting the VA ignore us for the past 31 years, some of these men have been waiting even longer some of the 1958 test subjects are still alive and sick, and they are getting the same run around I am, this is happeining in VARO's across the country, it is not just here in South Carolina. Some of the widows of the test vets were never told of their husbands use in the tests, I never told my own wife until 2002 when I became disabled and filed the initial claim with the VA, we had to sign non-disclsure agreements with National Security clauses, if we told doctors, family, friends etc we were promised 25 years at least at leavenworth and it would be in the gates, Since all of this is now declassified, I don't see how they could make this charge stick any longer, it has been investigated many times.
Many times Congress and the VA have said we are going to find these men and get them help, March 10, 1993, a Dr Susan Mathers for the VA told a congressional panel they would find the "test vets" Bill Clinton apologized for the tests in May 1995, again in November 2004 after a Detroit Free Press article by David Zeman the VA promised to find the "test vets" as far as I know they have not contacted anyone, I am the "info center" for the group I am in contact with about 10 other "test vets" thats how I know what is happening around the country. Politicians are useless,no one wants to atke on W, Cheney, and Rumsfeld, I am dying because of these men, I am not afraid, can you help me, or at leats help me find a public place where I can confront Rumsfeld over the Edgewood test vets and the dead and disabled that he helped to cause in violation of the Nuremberg Codes in 1974 and 1975.
In my mind gassing and drugging your own soldiers is a wrose crime than gassing an enemy, the Kurds were fighting with Saddam, besides Rumsfeld helped Reagan sell him the chemicals for his 1987 and 1988 war with Iran and the Kurds, shouldn;t they be charged with conspiracy to commit war crimes. They enabled him, what about their accountability for the crimes they allowed on their own volunteer soldiers, and now to not allow the release of data so the disabled and the widows can colect their veteran benefits is just flat wrong, this even goes beyond dispicable.
Can you help the Edgewood test vets? After 31 years we need someone to help us, I was a infantry Staff Sergeant, this goes beyond what I know how to accomplich Mike Bailey 803-808-5371 a collect call would be fine I am disabled I am up day and night 24/7 anytime is good for me. I have more evidence if you need it Mike Bailey 6778A June 25 1074 thru 22 August 1974........ here are the names and e mail addresses of the otehr test vets Michael Ellek son of Albert Ellek Edgewood 1958 David Dufrane Edgewood class of 64? Eric Muth was at Edgewood twice in 1958 Rick Lake was at Edgewood in 1974 in the group with me from Ft Lewis Frank said he was there in 1966 I think Larry Meirow was there in Nov & Dec 1972 House VA committee investigator can verify this newspaper reporter that wrote an April 3 2006 article filled with misinformation from the VA Buck lives in Salt Lake City Edgewood in 64 her husband is one of the original MKULTRA subjects claims he has electronic implants ?????? Tom Segel is a retired Marine from the Korean War and Nam that has written a few articles about the Edgewood tests and the people me, Eric etc.
Mr McGovern I hope you know how to use this info, Rumsfeld and Cheney need to go, and these "honorable" vets and their widows be allowed to get their VA benefits, how does a grateful nation make this up to them, ignoring them for 31 years since the info became public and allowing the DOD and the VA to keep sweeping them under the rug, are we an embarassment to W, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Daddy Bush, they are demanding Saddam die for gassing the Kurds, what should happen to them for gassing and drugging us in 1974 and 1975, they didn't stop because it was wrong they stopped when they got caught. Help
Michael Garber BaileyMy address is 301 Harbor Heights Dr 21 DLexington SC 29072SSG Infantry 100% P&T disabled vet
should Rumsfeld
go see the devil and pick a pineapple
let the widows of the test vets play with HIM at Edgewood
give him to the Kurds since he sold Saddam the gas in 1987
let the veterans harmed by his approval of the human testing sue him
drop dead from stress
all of the above
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