Thursday, May 11, 2006

a vet speaks out about SSD vs VA

Forwarded Message:
Our Great VFW Rep in Washington, D.C.
5/11/2006 4:31:17 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Today May 11, I called both my Senator Nelson, and Congressman Putman who both sit on the Veterans Committees in both houses. Sen Nelson knew all about the Offset of Social Security Disability and V.A. Disability and said that panel was holding secret meetings that he was opposed to and he said it would never get the votes. Congressman Putman said he was unaware until he just found out today. He is opposed to it also. One is a Dem. and the other a Rep. Sen. Nelson has taken time to talk to me personally many times. I called the VFW in Washington and left a message to talk to someone about why the VFW isn't concerned. I was not there but my wife got a call from a Mr. Jim Adam's tel 202-608-8372. I got his number off the web stating if you have any questions about upcoming legislation on benefits to call this number. While I was out he called my wife and without knowing the subject laid into her and said I should not call there especially if it concerns the Bush administration. He said if I have any problems to call my Rep's. If I still needed to talk to him to call him back. He was not even aware of my position of asking why the VFW is not supporting us VET's on this issue and why. I feel like burning my life membership card with the VFW. My wife said he was very rude and condensending. By the way I'm an Independent not a Dem. or a Rep. I just want you all to know about our great VFW who works so hard for us. They seem quite political to me.

Mike (Have a Good Day)

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