Sunday, May 14, 2006

a friends letter to his Senator

During its March 2006 meeting, the Commission discussed the Congressional intent of Public Law 108-136, which created the Commission. Specific focus was on interpreting the intent of the law and what that means in terms of the Commission's authorities. Also discussed by the Commission members was how data could be acquired from the Social Security Administration (SSA) and how it could be matched to administrative data from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) as well as how results could be interpreted, if SSA data were collected. Some veterans in receipt of VA disability compensation also receive SSDI; some for the same disability, some for a combination of service-connected and nonservice-connected disabilities, and some for disabilities unrelated to their service. The frequency and amount of benefits received is not known."

The Social Security System does not care what caused the disability only that you qualified for it by working! That is one issue. The other issue is the Social Security System for 100%, which is all it is concerned about, allows cumulative total effects, regardless of cause. The VA rating system is totally different!

The VA disability rating is for Service Connected disability. Of course the most common of these is with exceptions is the wounding by the direct actions of the enemy soldier or the result of serving in a combat environment.

The whole process of getting the Congress to interpret its own laws was unconstitutional and shows just how much support there are for Veterans.

No one, not one of you is going to tell me this is NOT a Bush Administration initiative to not only offset but this will be very similar to the Veterans Disability Tax that has robbed Veterans of disability for over 130 years in the Billions of dollars and maybe in the Trillions. All so, the government can hand out Billions to folks that are not even supposed to be here and all these failed socialism programs. I.e. Bush hands out an EXTRA billion dollars to illegal alien health care with the stroke of a pen. Then our congress argues for months on end whether to fund an extra 1.5 billion to support the VA. Slight difference in earned value here but you see who is important and who is not.

Just how long do you think that you will be able to treat Veterans this way and then get young men and women to support your actions. We are becoming like the Roman Empire and will before long be outsourcing our defense to third party companies like Haliburton.

You as a decorated veteran should have more feelings for what is going on. You get $15,000 a month for life if you leave the Senate and yet that organization is constantly trying to cut benefits to veterans. Why don't you support a bill to decrease the amount of retirement received by congress personnel and senators? One term and $15000 retirement. I did 20 years and I get $1,400. My duty led me to potential risk, your duties containing no risk. Where is the logic?

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