Thursday, May 11, 2006

CW3 replies to my ltr to Editor

Hey Mike -Hope you don't mind that your email list got a note that more than one vet knows you are correct -You are right on - there is no possible reason for the VA to complain about having to fix a problem that they CREATED - typical government response of BLAME THE VET for all the administrative problems - it is incredible that they think that the new vets would somehow also take the VA side and tell the world the vets who have claims in the system that they are wrong for insisting that the VA give compensation and healthcare for disabilities incurred while serving the country through military service -I wonder what will the government say when it gets to the point where the homeless veterans start forming brand new Bush/Cheney towns reminiscent of the 1930's Hoovervilles - will they bring back old stormin norman to kill a few as they are ordered to disperse and once again become the invisibles with all the invisible wounds that Buyer likes to say he is treating -- PLEASE EXPLAIN HOW BUYER CAN TREAT SOMETHING HE WILL NOT EVEN SEE !!!!And don't look to the major veterans service organizations when an executive director of one goes on record in the major media to tell Americans that Principi is a great guy and his personal friend as he gets $1.2 Billion of taxpayer funds for not even conducting the examinations that are used to determine levels of disability - there is Congressional Testimony and allegations from Hugh Cox that details how the QTC Management Inc policy is to schedule appointments, mail out the notices after the appointment, and then report that the veteran failed to show for his exam as the justification for denials of all claims - this is also a cute trick to further obfuscate the truth - Principi was always a great one for lies - or any other tactic that would so frustrate the veteran that they just give up and go away - and die somewhere else -So to the media that clammers only for the sensational - pay attention when the sick and disabled vets in America point to the government and claim that the "public servants" are not wearing any clothes - this is not the act of crying " WOLF ! " Yellowstone National Park is not the only location that has been setup for the predatory pack that pick out the only the weakest to consume -As AlwaysFrankOn May 9, 2006, at 6:57 AM, wrote:>> Sir, I enjoyed your article on the VA complaining about having to deal > with the possibility of a potential 300,000 "new claims" they are not > new, they were improperly decided and adjudicated to start with, they > are being "focred" to deal with this, because of the systematic > procedures in these states by the DRO's to low ball the awards. They > have saved the VA (federal budget) millions over the years at the > expense of disabled veterans.> > I find it appalling that the VA dares to complain about being swamped > for this reason, they should be ashamed it even has to be done, the > problem is the current administration will NOT hire additional help to > process this paperwork.> > There is already 825,000 CA claims on appeal to the BVA due to > disagreements with the awards or lack of awards by the DRO's and the > rating teams. What this is going to do to the process only God knows, > but rest assured it will not speed up anyone in the government, now > they just have a new reason to blame the delays on nationwide, it's > all those Illinois vets complaining's fault that the rest of you will > just have to wait. Months extra if not years. Do you really think the > VA or the White House cares how fast ot even if these claims are > readjudicated before the veterans die, they haven't so far, so why > expect them to care now?> > Some claims now take years to get thru the system and if you have an > issue the VA and DOD do not want to even talk about, such as the > Atomic tests, the SHAD/112 experiments, the chemical weapons and drug > experiments from 1952 thru 1975 at Edgewood Arsenal Maryland, or the > biological weapons test at Fort Detrick from 1952 thru 1972 or any of > the other "classified" research type projects you may never get your > claims addressed before you die, look at the example of Frank Wong, a > WW2 aviator that had an eye injury and dpent 60 years fighting with > the VA before they finally awarded his claim just last year in 2005 > after Knight Ridder picked up his story and told it nationwide.> > It wasn;t that the percentage of the award was that high, it was like > a 20% injury, it was the fact it took 60 years of fighting his own > government for the benefits, he earned in WW2 thru an injury. His > battle lasted a lot longer than his combat time. There is no excuse > for things like this to happen in America. These are the men and > women who wore this nation's military uniforms in protection of this > nation. They deserve a truly non-adversarial system, a fully funded > health care system, similar to Medicare, if they need it they should > get it, not be told there is not enough money in the budget this year > for your surgery, as Portland Oregon VA Hospitals did last year. Many > VA hospitals have let all their Dentists go,and are not doing any > dental work, it's cost effective, if the veteran needs it he will pay > out of his pocket at a private dentist. That is truly disgusting. They > earned full health care if they are 100% disabled.> > Sir, the reason I am ware of all of this, I am one of the 7120 > enlisted men used at Edgewood Arsenal, in the chemical weapons and > drug tests at Edgewood Arsenal. One of the programs the VA and DOD do > not want to discuss, I have been told it is a sensitive issue, yes I > guess it is, it's an ugly black eye for America. Violations of the > Nuremberg Codes of 1947, by our own government, that started just five > years after they created them.> > Another little "signing statement" by another President, Harry S > Truman, that just kept being re-approved thru Eisenhower, Kennedy, > Johnson, Nixon and Ford. It was not until the Army's Inspector General > learned of it and did an investigation in 1975, about the treatment of > the soldiers, that they issued the 1975 DA IG report on Human > experimentation. > this is a summary of it.> > This manual is written by the VA in October 2003 to to explain the > illnesses associated with CBR so the doctors and nurses will > understand what they are seeing and yes America did use soldiers in > tests of these substances, it isn't all X file stories. >> > This report from the Institute of Medicine in March 2003 shows that of > the 7120 men used 40% are dead 2098 as of FY 2000, the men would have > been primarily 65 or younger then. It also shows that of the 4022 > survivors that 54% of them or 2200 men are disabled, yet the study > does not say why. >> > The above study on Sarin does not reach any of the same conclusions as > another government report from January 1994 National Institute of > Health, why I don;t know expect that the IOM report was used by the > DOD and VA to determine medical liability for the Gulf War veterans > exposed to Sarin and mustard agents at Kamisayah Iraq in March 1991, > my guess is the 1994 study would have exposed DOD and the VA to very > extensive financial liabilities, for cardiac, pulmonary and > gastrointestinal problems, so Dr Page just ignored it.His report > concluded the only problems with Sarin exposure is sleep disturbances > and 25 per 100,000 will get brain tumors, no other research has ever > shown that problem, I guess 25 per 100,000 was a cheap way out for DOD > and the VA to accept it as a problem.> Toxicity of the Organophosphate Chemical Warfare Agents GA, GB, and > VX: Implic 1994 report> > The government has told so many different versions of my test > experience, first was that I was never there, then it became yes I > volunteered but I got sick on 10 July 1974 and I got sick before the > tests started and was sent home, so none of my current medical > problems could possibly be related to Edgewood or the tests, then when > I was able to prove I was there for the entire 60 day TDY period, they > claimed I was only used in a tests that I listened to a "radio" > equipment only. Then I found this picture that came from an A&E > documentary called "Bad Trip to Edgewood" that was produced and aired > in 1992. Needless to say I was surprise to see a picture of me at age > 18 at Edgewood Arsenal, in a supposedly "classified photo" that I was > not even aware of > this obviously is not a radio is it?> > The VA still will not deal with the Edgewood Arsenal test issues after > 4 years, it is still on appeal and my file has never been sent to the > BVA for a hearing. I have had 7 heart attacks, a stroke, COPD, > Congestive heart failure, skin abnormailites, burn scars, ED, PTSD, > and emphysema all but the PTSD is from the toxins I was exposed to at > Edgewood, my heart disease started at age 36, I am now 50. I was one > of the youngest men used at Edgewood and I was there in 1974, most of > the other men are older than I am.> > Two of the men are up north in your area, Michael Elleks father Albert > was a test vet in 1958 his e mail address is > and the other is Lerry Meirow his e mail address is > and he was at Edgewood in Nov and Dec 1972. I am also in contact with > 8 other "test vets" none of us can get the VA to discuss our test > experiences.> > Here is my web site there is other info available about this issue > there.> mike's links to information > > I do not feel sorry for the VA because now they have "more" work to > do, it should have been done right in the first place, they have spent > decades cheating Illinois vets and others from across this nation and > the sorry part is, they were created to take "care" of us, no one just > specified what "care" was. Really they still haven't many of these men > will die without ever seeing an increase in compensation, let alone > back pay for the low awards from years ago, and I am sure that was not > the Senators intent.>

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