Thursday, May 04, 2006

VA and Medicare Billing?

There is a story in today's Watchdog, about trying to get legislation passed to allow veterans to use their medicare benefits at VA hospitals nationwide,

It sounds like a great deal for those veterans that use Medicare that are low rated service connected injuries, like the 10% or even the 90% veterans, this would allow them to get treatment for all medical problems in the same location. Helps for those veterans like myself with multiple medical conditions.

My concern comes with the VA trying to pass a rule requiring ALL veterans then to have Medicare Part B, like they do for retirees and Champus.

Totally disabled veterans that have injuries that cause the veteran to be permanently and totally disabled now get all medical care for free at the VA regardless if the problem is service connected or not, the Colin Powell thoery, "if you broke it, you bought it" our service broke us, medically, so the government now cares for all of our medical problems as it SHOULD be.

However, if they pass a rule to allow the VA to bill Medicare, they need to exempt all 100% SC veterans from carrying Part B, why should they now be forced to burden the additional cost of 88.00 dollars a month, this will be a new way to stick it to disabled veterans , and they do not deserve it.

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