Saturday, January 20, 2007

Reason for the Blog name change

I was notified on a reply to another post that the owner of a "highly popular website" wanted me to cease and desist from using "his" name Outside the Beltway. given that I have a website named Outside the which was taken down in October due to hackers, this blog also had the same name, I guess when I put the .org website back up I will have to change the name of it also. I did apologize and changed the name, plain and simple explanation. I am sure from my traffic count no one had the two sites confused if they did he is not as popular as he thinks he is.

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James said...


Thanks for changing the name. Nobody was getting confused that I know of but I'm just trying to protect my brand ID. Someone already hijacked the outsidethebeltway.blogspot domain, which I had from January 2003 until a few months ago when all my Blogger accounts suddenly vanished.

I've had since April 2003 but hadn't gotten around to trying to register all the other domain variants, as the site wasn't making much money until fairly recently.