Tuesday, January 23, 2007

New reading enjoyment

There is a new book available and appears interesting for those of you interested here is an excerpt, and a link to the author's website: enjoy!

"The following is a brief excerpt of my book, "When The Angels Have Risen:"

Suddenly, back on the Earth plane, in Las Vegas while I continued to explain what was shown to me by the alien, the sky above opened up with a sudden, brilliant appearance of a very large rainbow manifesting itself just above the university. Everyone suddenly was quiet and in awe admiring the brilli ant panoramic view of this rainbow manifestation above. The rain had stopped, while the clouds quickly dissipated. A gentle breeze then crossed the campus. The cool spring like breeze refreshed and cleansed the air. Suddenly, I heard a bird chirp. “You all heard the little bird. I guess he wants me to continue.” I smiled and the students laughed.

Then I continued with the explanation of my inspiring dogma and the biblical history. I elaborated about the angels and the different souls, and, of course, what we thought were miracles, but were actually causations of aliens. At that very moment, I looked within the audience for that deranged idiot who was going to shoot me like I was John Lennon. But seeing that there was no barrel in the distance pointing toward me, I continued even while the feds and the cops began to tighten their encirclement of the quad.

And so I concluded with, “These institutions used religion to gain power. They used guilt and fear as methods of control. Now, the dark souls have evolved using the monetary system or economic system to control the masses.

Have you noticed how corporations are now in control of the governments worldwide? Quite similar to the religious institutions controlling the governments in the past... The religious institutions, corporations, and governments are married into the same covenant of the DARK. And now, the aliens of the LIGHT have come back in force to counter the DARK on the Earth plane. This war between LIGHT and DARK has been a continual war...”

Suddenly, the feds converged upon the students. From behind the buildings, campus police joined forces with the feds and Metro Police, and while trying to advance toward me and Kelly, they all began to ruthlessly beat any student who stood within their path. The students began to defend themselves.

Additional Metro Police appeared from the street side on Maryland Parkway. The Metro Police started shooting their canisters of tear gas at us and the students. The feds, riot geared Metro Police, and campus police then began to fall back. The students threw the canisters of tear gas back at their attackers. Rubber bullets began whizzing by the students as they ducked for cover.

Metro riot police with their shields held high were protecting themselves from the onslaught of bottles and rocks, and while pointing their guns toward the students marched in unison like the “goose step” of Hitler’s army. They continued to discharge their weapons at the students. This was Las Vegas in the year 2006 and not Berkeley of 1969. It was like Kent State all over again.

Through all the commotion and the smoke-filled air, Kelly, John, and I managed to sneak out of the Las Vegas riot. We quickly jumped into our van and headed off."


Thanks again,

Andrew Feder

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