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open letter to Mike Barnicle of MSNBC

Mr Barnicle, I have watched many of your interchanges with Joe Scarborough and know you are a thoughtful man. I just was watching you all speculate about the hatred between Rumsfeld and Bush 41.

I know where part of the bodies are buried in this mess, as I am one of them. It does go back to Rumsfeld and Cheney pushing George H.W. Bush to China and then they arranged for his post at the CIA where he had to help clean up the fall out from Cheney/Rumsfeld and the Ford-Nixon involvement in the human experiments using enlisted men at Edgewood Arsenal in chemical weapons and drugs like PCP, LSD and other such nice stuff, 254 substances in all.

Cheney had helped the CIA coverup the death of Frank Olson in New York in 1953, he worked for the CIA at Fort Detrick in the Special Operations Division (SOD) under Dr Sidney Gottlieb. let's just say he died in strange circumstances in November 1953, in 1975 the Ford Administration (Dick Cheney) arranged with then CIA Director William Colby a meeting with Mrs Olson and her sons, where he issued an apology by the Agency and a large sum of money was paid to the family 22 years after the death of Doctor Olson.

All the time this was ongoing the Department of the Army IG office had released this report on human experimentation which was controlled by Gottlieb and SOD at Edgewood Arsenal and it determined the CIA and the Army had been violating the Nuremberg Codes of 1947 this involved enlisted Army and Air Force soldiers from 1953 thru 1975. The Army Chief of Staff and the CIA Director William Colby fell on their swords for the Ford Administration and apologized to the public for their role in the human experiments.

What was not known at the time was the involvement of the German Doctors and Scientists snuck into the US by the Ghelen Organization and the OSS/CIA as later shown by Linda Hunt in a book titled Secret Agenda: Operation Paperclip, the same Germans who had worked with or for Dr Menegele and or Doctor Strughold had been put at Edgewood Arsenal to continue the experiments began at the camps of WW2 Germany. How would the American public felt about this less than 30 years after the trials at Nuremberg for this very same thing?

So as the Chief of Staff Dick Cheney got the heat off the of the White House since President Ford had inherited the program from President Nixon. Yet while Secretary of the Defense Donald Rumsfeld had been an active participant in the continuation of the human experiments of America's soldiers, first as the White House Chief of Staff for Ford, whom Cheney was the right hand man, thus elevating him to the spot when Ford nominated Rumsfeld for Secretary of Defense in 1975, which then again brought George H W Bush back into the US as the new CIA Director to replace the now disgraced and humiliated William Colby by the Olson and the human experiments and the violations of the Nuremberg Codes of 1947.

You will notice in all of this Donald Rumsfeld never apologized for the role DOD had played in the financing and protection of the secrecy of this program at the Army's chemical Arsenal at Edgewood Arsenal, Maryland a small very well protected piece of Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Rumsfeld just kept quiet while the mess blew over in Congress.

The Congressional investigations into this in 1975 and 1976 were extensive but somehow Rumsfeld avoided the finger being pointed at him. However he had sat on the Cabinet of Nixon as the head of the Office of Economic Opportunity, where he first met Dick Cheney whom he soon learned to admire his work ethic and standards and loyalty, so when Ford tapped him to be Chief of Staff in August 1974, he quickly brought Cheney into the West Wing with him. His work on the Olson settlement soon showed why he valued him.... there are many points of Cheney's use to President Ford and Chief of Staff Rumsfeld in the Olson Family handling by the White House and CIA in 1975. Even copies of Memo's with Cheney's name and initials all over them.

They then had President Ford appoint George H.W. Bush to head the CIA where he had to help in the cover-up of the Olson mess and the use of soldiers in the human experiments and the continued cover-up of the Nazi doctors and scientists, who by the way have continued to be protected by the CIA until Senator Mike Dewine of Ohio forced CIA Director Porter Goss in Feb 2005 to open all the old OSS/CIA files pertaining to the Nazis by threatening to take him before an open Senate hearing and requesting the information publicly, the threat worked and the files were opened to the working group and all the information is due to be released in Feb 2007 last paragraph deals with it.

Why is this relevant to the issue's of today? Did we not just go to war with Saddam over the WMD issue and when that argument fell by the wayside, did not VP Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld go to the Saddam used weapons of mass destruction on his own people, the Kurds?

The problem I have with that argument coming from these two men, is I feel using chemical weapons and illegal drugs on your own soldiers to be a far more serious offense, especially since it was done knowingly violating the Nuremberg Codes of 1947, than to use chemical weapons provided by President Reagan's middle east envoy, none other than Donald Rumsfeld arranged for the sale of these materials in this now famous photo photo is dated 1983 the Kurds died in 1988

In my opinion the acts of Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney are far more harmful to the United States of America, than anything Saddam Hussein has done to us. President Bush 41 knew containment of Saddam in the aftermath of the first Gulf war, was the best way to deal with Iraq, in the period following the first Gulf War, in which I served in the Army by the way.

Now why do the human experiments matter to Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld now three decades later and the relevance to today. The federal government despite the numerous investigations over the years, the VP Nelson Rockefeller Commission 1975, The Church Commission 1976, the National Academies of Science report Veterans at Risk 1993, and the Rockefeller Commission 1994 on human experimentation with a primary focus on radiation experiments, but the Edgewood experiements are again brought up in these hearings and investigations.

They the DOD and the Veterans Administration have never bothered to find these men used from 1955 thru 1975 to find out if they are healthy, except one badly put together health survey in 1985. They don't have a clue how they fared health wise, death rates, disabilities, nothing, out of sight out of mind, 7120 men as shown by the records.

It is not until after the first Gulf War and the destruction of the ammunition depot at Kamisayah, Iraq where the US Army destruction of Iraqi weapons released Sarin Gas, mustard agents, and other weapons into the desert winds to be spread all over the Arabian Peninsula. Now the US Government needs to learn how these exposures are going to effect the 500,000 US soldiers in the theater of operations. The only known group of men exposed to chemical weapons is the Edgewood Arsenal test veterans from 1955 thru 1975.

DOD awarded a contract to the Institute of Medicine to do the study in 1996, but they already know from previous health studies about chemical weapons that this study has to be carefully crafted on what to look for and what to ignore. S it took them until FY 2000 before the study was crafted and sent out. They hired a third party to gather the data a company called Roncha, Schnullman of New York, they rented an office in Silver Springs, Maryland to do the study gathering from the IRS, Social Security and the Veterans Administration, they sent me a letter to every rank I ever held in the Army E1, E2, E3, E4, E5 and E6 Staff Sergeant to my offical IRS record my PO Box in Augusta Georgia at the time.

It was a very extensive health study, it covered all the main body systems, pulmonary, gastrointestinal, cardiovasluar and the emphasis was on nuerological, the other questions were buried in "optional data" the focus was nuero symptoms. The trouble with this report it found medical problems no other chemical weapons study ever done before had found and there are not many of them here they are
Toxicity of the Organophosphate Chemical Warfare Agents GA, GB, and VX: Implic this was done by the US National Institutes of health in 1994 and then this one done by a German Doctor Karl Heinz Lohs in 1975 based on Wermacht soldiers of WW2 that worked with chemical weapons if you are interested in Vietnam they have an interesting page about a defoliant used there on page 19, it woud be years before American scientists addressed Agent Orange.

Doctor Pages March 2003 IOM study is here, it is far more interesting in reading between the lines of what it doesn't say, than in what it does say, how ever you have to know what to look for. the study comes to two medical conclusions, a high rate of sleep disorders and 25 cases of brain tumors per 100,000 personnel (a fact no other study has ever found) it ignores all the known issues of the other two studies, pulmonary issues, cardiovascular and gastorinetstinal, why?

The facts from the Veteran Affairs web site show us there are 618,000 Gulf War era veterans drawing service connected compensation for medical problems that range all over the body, pulmonary, cardiovascular, gastorintestinal and nuerological as the NIH 1994 study and the 1975 SIPRI study show, which would explain the "undiagnosed illnesses" from Gulf War one.

The report states as facts that using the IRS, VA and Social Security data bases they could not find 2098 men aged 45 thru 65 in FY 2000, one can only presume they are deceased, men that age are either paying taxes or drawing government benefits, that is 40% of the 7120 men used.

Of the 4022 survivors they were able to find and get medical information from 54% of them or approximately 2200 men reported being disabled, yet the report never states what has caused the disabilities, why? If they connect the other main body systems to chemical weapon exposure does that make the federal government liable for nearly 618,000 totally disabled soldiers who they are now denying 100% bebefits to, and denying their families medical care and or college benefits?

The VA had a Doctor Susan Mathers testify to a congressional committee on March 10, 1993 that the VA would find the Edgewood Arsenal test veterans from WW2 and the Cold War and get them medical care and or compensation, it was never done. In October 2003 the VA Health Initiative released this manual co-written by Dr Susan Mathers about the human experiments from WW2 and the Cold War, they were already in possession of the March 2003 IOM report and the fact that 74.43% of the veterans were dead or disabled, yet the manual never mentioned it, why?

In April 2005 Congressmen Lane Evans and Ted Strickland now Governor elect of Ohio, sent VA Secretary James Nicholson a letter with the names and service numbers of the 7120 men of Edgewood Arsenal's chemical weapons and drug experiments and the names of the 2100 men used at Fort Detrick Maryland in the biological experiments asking him to use the VA's access to the IRS, VA and SS databases to find these veterans and or their widows to determine if they were entitled to benfits as a result of their use in the classified experiments during the Cold War, the letter was sent on April 28 2005 here is the link on October 5 2005 Secretary Nicholson sent this reply letter to them, he had found a way to help Donald Rumsfeld bury this information again, he sent it to the Pentagon and put it back under Rumsfelds control in the office of DHSD where in 2004 the DOD had already told the GAO in this report that they would not be able to find the men of Edgewood Arsenal until 2009 as shown on page 24 of 42

It would be very embarasing to Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and President Bush to have to admit to the American public that they used and abused soldiers in illegal experiments in the 1970's, then have deliberately denied them and their widows their benefits while taking this nation to war over chemical weapons used by Saddam.

Of course Bush 41 hates Rumsfeld, look at the damn mess he has left Bush 43 in, if this becomes public information, Cheney and Rumsfeld should be charged for conspiracy and Nicholson also for denying veterans and widows their just due benefits. All to protect their own reputations.

I understand fully why Bush 43 dislikes Rumsfeld, what I don't understand is why he ever liked Cheney?

Mike Bailey a disabled Staff Sergeant test vet 6778A Edgewood Arsenal June 25 1974 thru August 22 1974

a picture of me at age 18 while doing an experiment at Edgewood it was in the 1992 A&E documentary Badtrip to Edgewood

Then there is the issue of the soldiers used in the experiments

I have 4 years of government documents and research to back this up I will send you a copy of a letter to the VA Senate Committee next

Mr. Bailey:

Thanks for sending this. You have raised very serious and, I believe, very legitimate concerns. I have forwarded your email to the health policy staff on the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, as well as to an official within the VA, and have asked them to review it.

My hope is that others reading your email will take the issues you raised seriously and work to provide satisfactory answers.


Jeff Schrade, Communications Director

U.S. Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs

Direct: 202-224-9093


From: []
Sent: Wednesday, August 23, 2006 4:42 PM
To: Schrade, Jeff (Veterans Affairs);;;;;;;
Subject: the federal governments failure to honestly assess the health problems

of the veterans used at Edgewood Arsenal, Maryland and Fort Detrick, Maryland from 1952 thru 1975, in the chemical weapons and drug experiments primarily at Edgewood and the biological weapons experiments at Fort Detrick.

I realize I am beginning to sound like a broken record, yet after 31 years, nothing is being done to help these veterans or their widows, why?

About two weeks ago the Veterans Affairs Department released these two documents, filled with incorrect information why? dated 14 August 2006 and Unknown release date.

No one has yet addressed the fact that the IOM has the names and addresses of the 7120 veterans used at Edgewood Arsenal, despite DOD's allegations they will be unable to find these veterans before 2009, Rick Erdtman 202-334-1925 of the IOM has stated that as soon as DOD authorizes him to release the data to the VA, he will do so, that he has been in possession of this data since FY2000, after the private contractor Ronca, Schullman etc. had contacted the veterans of Edgewood for the health study that the March 2003 IOM report . This report showed that 2098 of the veterans could not be found using IRS, VA and SS files, one can only assume they are deceased, men aged 45-65 years of age are either paying SS taxes, drawing SS or SSD checks or paying income taxes, or being seem at VA hospitals, they don't just disappear. That is 40% of the entire group of veterans used in the experiments.

The study also states in the fine print that of the 4022 surviving veterans that 54% of them are disabled, yet the study does not explain what caused these disabilities, again why?

The study seemed to have a very narrow focus, just Sarin exposures, yet mustard agents were released at Kamisayah Iraq in March 1991 also, why weren't these health effects studied? Why hasn't the government done more to study the long term health effects of the veterans used in the tests at Edgewood especially in lieu of the fact that this EPA report shows about 100 toxic chemicals found in the drinking water, ground water and soil of Edgewood Arsenal in 1978 and the EPA ordered the drinking water wells capped for the base and town of Edgewood, Maryland as the aquifer where they drew their water was also contaminated? the first four chemicals on the list show long term cardiac effects and I was so disgusted I quit looking at the CDC site atsdr at CDC will show all the health effects of these toxic chemicals yet, DOD nor the Army ever contacted the veterans assigned to Edgewood Arsenal to warn them of the hazards of their exposures thru environmental causes, since this list became known to them in 1978, why?

When claims are made thru the Veterans Affairs claim process, they refuse to address the issue of the Edgewood experiments, when forced to they have lied to me, about me, denied I was ever there, then claimed I was taken ill and sent home before the tests ever began, yet I have the documents to prove I was there from 25 June 1974 thru 22 August 1974 when I was released from the test program. The government then claimed I was only used in a radio listening test, then this picture of me was found after that, and this does not look like a radio, does it?

In spite of the governments continued lack of honesty about the test program, the failure to properly handle the claims made thru the VA, myself and the other "test veterans" I am in contact with trust that one day our government will "find" us as they claim they are trying to do. I have the names and e mail addresses of 11 other veterans used at Edgewood, we all have the same problems, we are all disabled and the VA will not address our medical issues in the claims process.

We have tried to use, elected officials, the VA itself, the Army, everyone that we can think of, yet no one will deal openly and honestly with us about this problem, why?

We 7120 men were promised the "Soldier's Medal" for risking our health to tests the "gas masks and battlefield uniforms" of the future. The Army did not keep their promise of the medals, they awarded medals to DR Van Sim and DR Siddell, from DOD for using us in these experiments, they even named a learning center building in honor of DR Siddell at Aberdeen Proving Grounds in 2002 for his work, using us as human test subjects.

Yet, the soldiers who laid it on the line, were deprived even as much as an Army Commendation Medal, let alone the promised Soldier's Medal, now to be deprived of our veterans benefits, because of the failure of our VA system and DOD to properly handle this, it is becoming to hard to trust, that the government will ever help us let alone make right, the last 31 years of ignoring us and or our widows.

Since Mike Barnicle and Chris Matthews were trying to figure out why Bush 41 does not get alone with Donald Rumsfeld, this MIGHT be part of it, it does have the possibility of leaving Junior left hanging in the wind for Cheney/Rumsfled's youthful indiscretions.

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