Saturday, November 25, 2006

CBS, NUMB3RS show BRUTUS Nov 24 2006

Do you want to talk about fictional reality. I was told about the show's premise by my friend Jeff, asked me if I knew anything about the show, yes I have heard of it, and seen some parts of different episodes while channel surfing, but I can not claim I am a fan. Well after he told me last nights show mentioned MKULTRA, I had to find it and watch it, you all know me, a glutton for punishment. I went to CBS website and found the homepage of NUMB3RS and found the links to past episodes and located BRUTUS, I had to watch it twice to really comprehend it, the plot, the MKULTRA program the sub programs within it, etc, all to real, the only distortion is the fact they portrayed the government as paying Army retirement checks to us, nothing could be farther from the truth, the VA will not even process our claims for medical problems related to Edgewood Arsenal and MKULTRA. Here is a link to the website to view the episode click on BRUTUS it's all TO REAL

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