Monday, March 12, 2007

the wicked witch is dead

LT Gen Kevin Kiley (I don't do barracks inspections) has been forced to resign to be the Acting Secretary of the Army, since he hasn't been a 3 star long enough, he should be reduced to his permanent rank of Major General and be retired at the 2 star level, no one has deserved it more. As long as that sorry bastard stayed as Surgeon General no soldier would feel safe and secure being wounded, they would be worried about the treatment their families would be getting while they were at Walter Reed or other military medical facilities. There is nothing worse than treating wounded soldiers or their families like shit, especially by the Chain of Command, this is the worst kind of Command failure there is, it had to be nipped in the bud.

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bigjac said...

I had to create another blog to comment on this post in this blog. No wonder you have no comments. But I made it through.

Thank you for staying on top of the care for veterans. We will see them in our neighborhoods, and alongside us in the workplace, soon enough. That is why this is every American's issue. They will need long term care for their ptsd and their brain damage.

Thanks again.