Monday, October 30, 2006

My VA Exam today

After four years of dealing with the Veterans Affairs Department about my use in the "medical research unit" at Edgewood Arsenal, Maryland, known to most as operation MKULTRA, the government has finally acknowledged my use in this program and I was scheduled for a health exam at a nearby VA Hospital, when I went there three weeks ago with the letter the VA sent me from Washington DC on 27 Sep 2006, the people in the office that does special exams, said they had never heard of this program and they had to wait until DC told them how to handle it.

Yea right, it only took the government 31 years to acknowledge I had been used in these chemical weapons and drug experiments, and now they wanted me to wait for them to call me again, I didn't think so. I e mailed the individual who was involved in the notification process from the VA, and explained the situation to him, he said I would be contacted about an exam. True to his word, I received the letter from the Hospital about 4 days later scheduling the exam for Oct 30th at 1330 hours, Mr. David Abbott of the VA is the first man I have dealt with at the VA besides Admiral Cooper that has been truthful and honest in his dealings with me, that is a lot more than I can say about the VA Regional Office, in Columbia SC, lies, ignoring the facts, denial is a habitual problem with these people.

I am curious as to what the exam will entail, the letter did not adequately explain what today's special exam is about they noted it as being for Agent Orange. But I have the files about Edgewood, the pictures I have and the EPA superfund reports. Maybe this three decade ordeal will finally be dealt with to help my family deal with my multiple disablities caused we beleive by the many toxic exposures of the Edgewood experience, either by accindetal environmental exposure thru the water or soil of Edgewood or thru the test substances it should not matter to the government how I became disabled from it, just that I did.

In one way I know I am luckier than many of the "test vets" as of FY 2000 40% of them were presumed deceased, 2098 men that can't complain, about a failed follow up by our VA, at least I have that ability.

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