Sunday, April 30, 2006

Why Do We Become Political

Why do we become political: Many of you have come to know me over the past few months, some of you read it for the points of views from a veteran, about the way our federal government really "cares" for the soldiers and veterans.
Then you found out I do have a few other passions that I as an American care about, our National Parks, who our elected officials should be, that I don't care for "American Idol" type democrats anymore than I do for "brain dead" republicans. Politics demand statesman, not photo ops, we need real leaders with real answers to real problems....

This country has become MORE divided now than at any point in the Vietnam war period, the hatred both both sides is bad, there is no common ground.
The only issue that appears to consolidate American's is border control, then there comes the problem with undocumented workers, even Caeser Chavez, the great farm worker of the 60's and 70's protested against "illegal" workers hurting his Farm Workers. All of us that are old enough to rember the "Grape Boycott" it was the same issue, that is before us again, undocumented workers.
The misuse of our nations military, and the refusal of this administration to admit it's shortcomings, Condi attempted to and Rummy slapped her down, with impunity, does this mean W likes Rummy better than Condi? Come on George fess up, does Laura know?
The refusal to fully fund the VA, and letting the veterans wait for Doctor appointments, at twice the percentage as last year. Yup, they really know how to care for our veterans, just ask any vet how well taken care of they feel.
Why are there 825,000 veteran claims on appeal within the VA system, and the federal government is reducing the number of employees to handle these appeals?
The federal deficits, have doubled in this administration, it took 42 Presidents to get us 4 trillion in debt, it has taken W just 5 years to get us to a debt ceiling of 9 trillion, way to go George, our great great grandchildren will still be paying this debt.
In the meantime you threw the middle class a bone and gave them 600 dollars in trade for reducing your rich friends tax liabilities and took us to a war, that was supposed to cost 1 billion, your underlings even fired the staff member that suggested the war might cost as much as 100 billion, as the facts now show us even he was wrong, by 200 billion, who should get fired now George? Rove maybe?
Then there is my newest pet peeve, the deal with Showtime and the Smithsonian, and the refusal to release the contracts due to confidentiality agreements, George the Smithsonian belongs to all Americans, from Maine, tp Florida, to Califonia to Washington State, Alaska, and Hawaii, it isn't the Republicans to sell, it wasn't a Wall Street company. What's next the National Monuments? Are we going to have to pay to see the Washington Monument, Abe, Jefferon Memorial, Grants Tomb, Mount Rushmore etc, you all get the point.
Where does the Congress finally get the back bone to say "We are mad as hell and we aren't going to take it anymore" it shouldn;t matter if they are Democrat or Republican, this is wrong, has been wrong and elected officials are accountable to all Americans, not just Democrats or Republicans.
You were elected to lead, either do it, or get the hell out of the way and let someone else do it......

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